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Welcome to Faserhaus!

We are offering material for natural dyeing - plantdyeing.
Here are fabrics and yarns, plants and mordants and of course dyer workshops.
We are also selling ready dyed cloth, leg wraps, scarfs and more.
It is important to us to convey craftwork, but also a smile here and then ;-)

If you do have questioins, tipps, wishes or critic - please write us an email.
We are looking forward to it.

The shop is growing and changing sometimes. So please come back to keep yourself informed :-)


Our recommendations

thin Loden grey-brown

Light woolen cloth, grey-brown, 180g

from 21,80 EUR

Diamond-Twill, Woolcloth, 320g

from 26,40 EUR
Broken Diamond Twill

Broken Diamond Twill in rust-white,...

from 23,90 EUR
broken diamond twill wool

Handwoven, broken diamond twill wool,...

141,00 EUR
Broken Diamond Twill

Broken Diamond Twill in green-white,...

from 23,90 EUR

Nature Brown Winter Wool, 385g

from 26,00 EUR