Birch leaves uncut, 5kg (special item)
Birch leaves (Betula pendula) for yellow dyes.
Birch dye a warm yellow on wool.
With iron sulphate or copper sulphate you can change the colour to olive or bronze tones.
Not suitable for consumption.
RRP 55,00 EUR
Only 41,25 EUR
Leg Wrap plantdyed shiny yellow, diamondtwill, length 2,9m
Leg Wrap made of 100% nature grey Wool, Herringbone Weaving.
Plantdyed with reseda (weld)
Wide 10cm.
Weight ca. 45g/m

The wraps are prewashed and mangled.
Offcut 2,9m
RRP 25,52 EUR
Only 19,14 EUR