Historical or modern workshop, here you will learn how to plantdye fabric, yarn and other things.
If dyeing with Krapp (roof of madder), Reseda luteola (Wau), Cochenille, Walnutshell, Onionpeel, Indigo, Woad and much more - we make the world bright!

Natural dyed fabrics are not only usable for reenactment.
This wide range of beautifull colors is mostly not to match with chemical dye, so the plantdye move back into modern life.
And all plantdyes are all possible to make without metal, so it is good to use for sensitive skin.

The workshops take part eather in our Workshop or we can come to your place.

Mostly the workshops take part from friday to sunday afternoon.
There is a lot to learn and that will take time.
The weekend ist to have fun, so we do have a lot to work but also a lot to laugh :-)

You should learn yourself how natural dyeing works.
For this reason you should be with us at each step and could dye your cloth or/and yarn the colors you want to.
And of course you will get a written documentation with all recipies and hints to rework the dye at home yourself.

The  workshops will take place in Rüsselsheim, Germany (very close to Frankfurt am Main).
Next seminar will be:
Friday, 05. - Sunday, 07. April 2019
Friday, 21. - Sunday, 23. Juni 2019

Price for the workshop 150,00 Euro plus Material.

If you are interessted, please contact us and we will send you details. :-)