Gift Coupons

Vouchers as a present

The vouchers can be used to buy things in the shop or for tailormade things like clothes or fabric. Also good to use for a dyers workshop!
If you want to hand out a voucher in person, please ask for a paper voucher by email. We will send you one.

How to use a voucher:
First: You need to have a registered customer account. If you do not have an account yet, please register in the right upper corner at Customerlogin.
You are buying a gift coupon with a certain amount.
After payment is received the gift coupon will be released and the amount will be automaticly available in your personal shopping cart.
You can send the gift coupon out of the shopping cart for one or for more people. You decide.
The purchaser will get an email with all instructions and help after release of the voucher.

The recipient will receive an email with an unique gift voucher number and a voucher link.
Now he needs to activate a customer account and the voucher will be credited to his account automaticly.
He can now decide what he wants to have and buy it.
If he don''t use the voucher in one buy, the rest will be left on his customer account until he has used it all.
If the recipient buys trade which is more worth then the voucher, he has to pay the amount left to the voucher.