Faserhaus on Tour

Markets 2019

Faserhaus on Tour!
We will offer plantdyed and undyed fabric, yarn, leg wraps and more at the market stall.
Do not get confused by the dates. Orders and shipping continue as usual, even if a few of us are on the road ;-)

13. - 14. April Viking market Schlotzau, DE
Viking market with Huscarl Battle
29. April - 05. Mai Ribe Vikingecenter, DK
The anual market at Vikingecenter Ribe
08. - 10. Juni Openluchtmuseum Eindhoven, NL
Early medieval market in a nice open-air museum
22. - 23. Juni Dyers Workshop, DE
We're giving a workshop close to Frankfurt, Germany
11. - 14. Juli Sommermarkt Viking Museum Haithabu, DE
The 10th anniversary! A lot to see and learn
19. - 21. Juli Viking Festival Trelleborg, DK
Market and Battle
23. - 28. Juli Moesgaard, DK
Market and Battle
14. - 15. September The Battle of Island Bridge, IR
Also know as the Battle of Áth Cliath, near Dublin
05. - 06. Oktober Reenactment-Messe in Minden, DE
The shopping event for german Reenactors
02. - 03. November Herbstmesse inside the Viking Museum Haithabu, DE