Scented pouch for wardrobe
Scented pouch for wardrobe or chest of drawers
The fragrance bags consist of our cotton bags 15 x 10cm and are filled with all kinds of very good smelling herbs.
Moths don't like the scent very much, but no scent bag, no matter which filling, is a prevention against moths.
Filling weight approx. 40g

Woodruff, lavender blossoms, cloves,
Walnut leaves, patchouli leaves, sweet clover,
Cedar wood oil, cedar wood, rose petals red,
Ruhrkraut blossoms, rosemary
2,41 EUR
incl. 16% tax excl. Shipping costs
Silk Scarf, Pongé 05, 90x90cm
Silk scarf Pongé Silk 05, size 90x90cm, hand rolled with silk thread.

Ponge is an especially smooth silk with the well-known silky shine. The thread weight "05" indicates a light, cuddly silk.
It is by far the most popular silk for silk painting and plant dyeing.
Nearly all painting techniques can be realized on this fine shiny linen-woven silk with best success.

We use this quality for example for plant dyed neckerchiefs and play shawls for small children. 
As the cloths are breathable they can also be used as face protection cloths for mountain biking, cycling or motorcycling.
7,70 EUR
incl. 16% tax excl. Shipping costs
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