Calcium carbonate
Calcium carbonate

Calcium carbonate

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Reseda (Weld), chopped
Reseda luteola ((Reseda luteola, Dyers Weld) is one of the very less plants for a light- and washproofed yellow.
It gives a very shiny, almost neon, yellow.
For all other shades of yellow you can mix it with a bit of madder, coppersulfur etc.
Reseda do like hard water, give a bit of chalk into the dye.
Not suitable for consumption.
2,80 EUR

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Anatto for orange dyes - grounded
Annatto (Orleonseed) is a dye for bright golden yellow and shiny orange.
Status: grounded.
Lat. name: Bix Orellana
Not suitable for consumption.
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Root of Madder (Krapp), grounded
Root of Madder (Krapp) is to use for a wide range of red colors, grounded.
It is also called Common Madder, Dyer's Madder or the latin name Rubia Tinctorum.
Best to use with chalk and wheat bran. It make the water hard and the color more full.
Madder is good to mix with other plants in one dye.
Not suitable for consumption.
2,90 EUR