Barberry bark for yellow dyes
Barberry bark for yellow dyes

Barberry bark for yellow dyes

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Calcium carbonate
Especially Reseda (dyers weld) likes hard water for a shining color, also with madder root one can change by the water hardness the color lightly.
Here it helps, to add chalk to make the water hard.
As a tip: We always take on 200 ls of water 2 kgs of chalk.

Also known as Limestone; calcite; aragonite; chalk; marble; pearl; oyster.
Not suitable for consumption.
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Goldenrod (europ), chopped
Goldenrod (Solidago virgaurea) for yellow dyes.
Goldenrod dye all shades of yellow, from light to warm shades.
Note: The european Goldenrod is the right one for plantdye, the american one does not have the same qualities for dyeing.
Not suitable for consumption.
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