Reseda (Weld), chopped

Reseda (Weld), chopped

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This product is compatible with (for example):

Indigo Powder, natural
Indigo (Indigofera tinctoria) for plantdying
This indigo powder is very clean and therefor it has a good dyepower and give deep color.
1a quality from El Salvador
from 17,45 EUR
Calcium carbonate
Especially Reseda (dyers weld) likes hard water for a shining color, also with madder root one can change by the water hardness the color lightly.
Here it helps, to add chalk to make the water hard.
As a tip: We always take on 200 ls of water 2 kgs of chalk.

Also known as Limestone; calcite; aragonite; chalk; marble; pearl; oyster.
from 0,92 EUR
Iron (II) sulfate, Iron sulfate
For iron mordant or a color change from yellow to olive or red to brown.
Also known as Ferrous sulfate, Green vitriol, Iron vitriol, Copperas, Melanterite, Szomolnokite.
It is a heptahydrate, a so called moistly salt which desolve faster in water.
You are using the same amount as with dry iron sulfate.
from 0,86 EUR
Copper sulfate to mordant or aftertreatment
Copper sulfate, also known as cupric sulfate, or copper sulphate - CuSO4
It is used as a mordant or aftertreatment.
It gives the dyed a very nice copper tone, which one does not reach by dyeing in the copper pot alone.
from 1,47 EUR

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Tara powder is obtained from the fruits of the tara bush (Caesalpinia spinosa fructus) from Peru.
It has a high content of tannin (tannic acid), which facilitates mordanting on cellulose fibers (all plant fibers).
The tara powder can also be used as a mordant on wool and silk.
Calculate 10% of the material to be dyed as a mordant.
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