Iron (II) sulfate, Iron sulfate
Iron (II) sulfate, Iron sulfate

Iron (II) sulfate, Iron sulfate

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Birch leaves, chopped
Birch leaves (Betula pendula) for yellow dyes.
Birch dye a warm yellow on wool.
With iron sulphate or copper sulphate you can change the colour to olive or bronze tones.
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Reseda (Weld), chopped
Reseda luteola ((Reseda luteola, Dyers Weld) is one of the very less plants for a light- and washproofed yellow.
It gives a very shiny, almost neon, yellow.
For all other shades of yellow you can mix it with a bit of madder, coppersulfur etc.
Reseda do like hard water, give a bit of chalk into the dye.
Decoration is not included in the delivery.

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Walnut shell, chopped
Chopped Walnut shells for plantdyeing.
Good for a light to medium brown.
For a dark brown or a chocolate brown please add ironsulfur or madder.
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