Simply buy your fabrics, plant dyeing supply and accessoires online!

We offer you not only fabrics for reenactment, historical representations, LARP or modern use.
Woolen fabrics, silk fabrics, blended fabrics and sometimes even hand-woven fabrics.
Order free sample and decide at home which fabric is best for your project.

Of course there is also wool yarn - sewing thread, sock wool, felt wool and more in natural shades and dyed.

You will also find dyeing plants for natural dyeing, matching accessories and a few tips.
Natural dyes are a wonderful alternative to today's chemical dyes. Any colour known to us is possible.
We offer plant dyed wool and silk fabrics for immediate purchase from time to time.
Or learn dyeing yourself in one of our dyeing seminars.

If you have any questions, suggestions, wishes or criticism - please do not hesitate to contact us. We are pleased.
The shop grows and changes every now and then.
So please come and have a look more often and enjoy browsing now  wink

Our recommendations

Madder Extract (Rubia Cordfolia)
from 12,18 EUR
Shippingtime: 4-5 days
Silk Scarf, Pongé 05, 90x90cm
7,70 EUR
Shippingtime: 4-5 days
Cold-Mordant (Alumina) for Plantdye
from 1,36 EUR
Shippingtime: 4-5 days
Indigo Dye Kit
7,31 EUR
Shippingtime: 4-5 days