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Simply buy your fabrics, plant dyeing supply and accessoires online!

We offer you not only fabrics for reenactment, historical representations, LARP or modern use.
Woolen fabrics, silk fabrics, blended fabrics and sometimes even hand-woven fabrics.
Order free sample and decide at home which fabric is best for your project.

Of course there is also wool yarn - sewing thread, sock wool, felt wool and more in natural shades and dyed.

You will also find dyeing plants for natural dyeing, matching accessories and a few tips.
Natural dyes are a wonderful alternative to today's chemical dyes. Any colour known to us is possible.
We offer plant dyed wool and silk fabrics for immediate purchase from time to time.
Or learn dyeing yourself in one of our dyeing seminars.

If you have any questions, suggestions, wishes or criticism - please do not hesitate to contact us. We are pleased.
The shop grows and changes every now and then.
So please come and have a look more often and enjoy browsing now  wink

Our recommendations

Cold-Mordant (Alumina) for Plantdye
An Alumina Mordant for plantdyeing of wool and silk.
Also to use for plantfibres, the dye will not be strong as on proteinfibres.
Soft for the fibre because it does not need to be heated anymore and the fibres do not began to felt.

100g are good for about 2,5kg fibres, yarn or fabric.
You will not need heat to prepare your yarn or fabric for dyeing. The mordant could be used until it is worn out.
Detailed instructions are within the delievery.
Not suitable for consumption.
from 1,70 EUR
Indigo Powder, natural
Indigo (Indigofera tinctoria) for plantdying
This indigo powder is very clean and therefor it has a good dyepower and give deep color.
1a quality from El Salvador
Not suitable for consumption.
from 17,90 EUR
Indigo Dye Kit
Get to know a simple kitchen with our Indigo Dyeing Kit. Consisting of 5g of Indigo (Indigofera tinctoria) powder, 43ml of ammonia, 18g of hydrosulphite and 1 strand of wick wool with 100g, plus a short instruction.

The 5g of indigo are quite productive. You can also dye other materials. Cotton shirts, cotton shopping bags or wool cloths.
Use the dye until it is completely used up.
Not suitable for consumption.
8,30 EUR
Turmeric for yellow dyes
Most people know turmeric root (Curcuma longa) as a spice.
But it is also a very old asian dyers plant.
We recommend to use chopped one and not powder for less stains.
The colour curcumin is traditional used to dye plantfibers and paper, it works fine on proteinfiber as well but anyhow, it is not really lightproof.
Not suitable for consumption.
from 2,60 EUR
Silk Scarf, Pongé 05, 90x90cm
Silk scarf Pongé Silk 05, size 90x90cm, hand rolled with silk thread.

Ponge is an especially smooth silk with the well-known silky shine. The thread weight "05" indicates a light, cuddly silk.
It is by far the most popular silk for silk painting and plant dyeing.
Nearly all painting techniques can be realized on this fine shiny linen-woven silk with best success.

We use this quality for example for plant dyed neckerchiefs and play shawls for small children. 
As the cloths are breathable they can also be used as face protection cloths for mountain biking, cycling or motorcycling.
7,90 EUR
Madder Extract (Rubia Cordfolia)
Our madder root extract is a pure natural dye, extracted from the dried root of Rubia Cordifolia.
It can be used immediately for dyeing, soaking and boiling out as is not necessary when using normal madder root.
Of course, the material to be dyed must still be pre-treated normally.

See detail page for further information.
Not suitable for consumption.
from 12,50 EUR


Birch leaves uncut, 5kg (special item)
Birch leaves (Betula pendula) for yellow dyes.
Birch dye a warm yellow on wool.
With iron sulphate or copper sulphate you can change the colour to olive or bronze tones.
Not suitable for consumption.
RRP 55,00 EUR
Only 41,25 EUR

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New product

Anatto for orange dyes - grounded
Annatto (Orleonseed) is a dye for bright golden yellow and shiny orange.
Status: grounded.
Lat. name: Bix Orellana
Not suitable for consumption.
from 2,40 EUR
Root of Madder (Krapp), grounded
Root of Madder (Krapp) is to use for a wide range of red colors, grounded.
It is also called Common Madder, Dyer's Madder or the latin name Rubia Tinctorum.
Best to use with chalk and wheat bran. It make the water hard and the color more full.
Madder is good to mix with other plants in one dye.
Not suitable for consumption.
from 2,90 EUR
Lavender Flowers
Lavender gives beautiful yellow to green tones and a very good smelling dye.
With a little ammonia in the water you can also get a very nice light blue-purple.
Weight should be 1:1 to the material to be dyed.
from 1,98 EUR