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Simply buy your fabrics online
We offer you not only cloth for Reenactment, historic representations, LARP or for modern use.
Wool, silk materials, mixed fabrics and sometimes also hand-woven materials.
Order for free samples and decide at home in peace which material for your project fits best.

There is also wool yarn - sewing wool, sock wool, felt wool and more in nature colour and colored.

As well as plantdye material for natural colouring, the fitting accessories and more.
We offer plants-colored wools and silk materials to you always again also to the immediate purchase.
Or learn yourselves how to dye in one of our dyer workshops.

If you have questions, suggestions, wishes or criticism - write to us, please.
We appreciate.
The shop is growing and changing every now and then. So you are welcome to visit us more often and now enjoy browsing wink

Our recommendations

Cold-Mordant (Alumina) for Plantdye
from 1,40 EUR
Shippingtime: 2-3 days


Dost (Origanum) for yellow and reddish dyeings
RRP 1,94 EUR
From only 1,65 EUR
Shippingtime: 2-3 days
Safflower, dyers thistle, for yellow to reddish dyes
RRP 3,60 EUR
From only 3,06 EUR
Shippingtime: 2-3 days
Heather (Erica) chopped
RRP 1,50 EUR
From only 1,27 EUR
Shippingtime: 2-3 days